Silverado HD Launch

We landed the 2014 Silverado HD launch campaign with Leo Burnett. Bruno Hohmann was the creative director on the project. Bruno came to me with a challenge to create high-resolution panoramic rig shots for the project.

My solution was to synchronize three Hasselblad 60 megapixel cameras. The images would then be stitched together in post-production. The tough part was getting three of everything lens-wise along with keeping the files in order so they would be matched with the corresponding images from the same exposure. Keeping the files straight was handled by Josh Nagy (digital technician), the perfect guy for the job. We created some awesome rig images on that shoot and got our stitching down to an art. Bruno was happy and so was the client!

One of the images was a rig shot where the cameras were cantilevered out over a cliff. It was a little nerve wracking sending out over $150k worth of Hasselblads out over the edge but exciting at the same time.

The crew all did an awesome job to help me make this one happen! Thanks team.

Roe Photo